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Get Access to the BEST Database of Online Marketing Tools + Resources.

Welcome to the Entrepreneurs Resource Kit.

The list of all lists.

“Entrepreneurs Resource Kit  is a bookmark-worthy collection of awesomeness.”

You will discover:
over 1500 tools + resources
in 80 categories.

Entrepreneurs Resource Kit
is a must-have resource used by:

*Small business owners
*Marketing managers
*Virtual Assistants

ERK is a comprehensive directory that lists the tools you need to run your business at its different stages.

It’s for the smart business person who wants all the right options presented to them in an organized fashion and all in one spot.

You’ll access it over and over and over again.

On the hunt for new marketing tools?

(we thought so…)

Online Business Owners

Don’t waste hours of your time googling for tools or resources, ERK has the most comprehensive filterable database.  Pick your category and discover tools that will help your business grow.


ERK will provide you with hours of material to blog about.  Whether it’s the new social media tool of the week or a list of websites that offer great affiliate programs or the best free font websites.  It’s all yours for the taking!


Are you a Health and Wellness Coach, a Career Coach, a Small Business Coach, a Financial Coach, a Life Coach, a Business Coach or a Leadership Coach?

Is most of your coaching business conducted online?

If so, you know the importance of using online platforms that help coaches collaborate and manage their client engagements, scheduling appointments/calls, online marketing, invoicing, video-chat, screen sharing, file sharing and recording, call recording, collecting emails and the list goes on. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a list of all those tools and resources in one spot?

ERK provides you with a directory of tools that will make your coaching business better than ever.

Marketing Managers

Want to impress your boss?  Want to make your team think you’re the smartest manager this side of Silicon Valley?  Hop onto ERK and discover online tools you can share with everyone but your competitor!  Speaking of competitors, ERK has a great list of online tools for spying on your challengers!

I wanted an exhaustive list of all the tools, in one spot – in ONE SPOT!  

Then I wanted to be able to filter using different criteria to select the tools required at a particular business stage.  

I created a directory of over 1500 amazing resources in 80 different categories.

It’s a very niche directory and one you will find very useful.

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Are you ready to view a beautiful well organized website with the tools you need to run your internet business?  

Ready to discover new tools?  

Ready to learn about resources you didn’t know existed?

Soon to be over 1500 tools + resources in 80 categories!


I’m confused. I’m a small business owner, I sell unique pet products online. Once I find the tools I need using Entrepreneurs Resource Kit, I will be spending my time elsewhere not on this site.

Great question.  At a glance, that seems spot on but the reality is you’ll try a few tools before deciding on the right ones that work for your business and for you.  As your online business grows you’ll be upgrading or moving on to different tools altogether such as content creation, getting more leads, advanced SEO etc. At those stages you will come back to the Entrepreneurs Resource Kit and discover different tools to keep your business advancing.

How is this different from all the other tools and resources that the online biz gurus giveaway in their opt-ins or during their webinars and courses?

It’s very different.  First, the online business coaches tend to giveaway the products and tools that fit their business model.  It’s also limited to a handful of resources.  These are generally provided to you in different formats.  Some are listed on a pdf, a word document, powerpoint slide, hyperlink list format on their website, a webinar where you have to write them down etc. Entrepreneurs Resource Kit provides over 1500 tools and resources across 80 different categories.  Users are able to search based on keywords or use the filtering functions to narrow down information to suit you.  It’s basically one spot to look for free and paid for tools for your online small business.

How else can I use the Entrepreneurs Resource Kit?
Here are 10 ways you can use the Entrepreneurs Resource Kit:


Define your problem you want to solve and search for the solution.

If you are looking for Free Stock Images.  Click on the Tab that says “Graphic Design” then click on “Stock Images”.  In the Filters select ‘Free’.  You will then be presented with a list of all the free stock image websites.

Become a Forum expert. During my research, I copied 100 questions gathered over a 1 month period in a few different business forums.  These 100 questions all pertained to business tools.  Which tool will allow me to edit images without spending money on Photoshop?  Where can I find content curation tools?  What are the top social media schedulers people are using?  Which mock-up tools are the most popular?  I need some new funky fonts, where should I look?  What other blogging platforms exist besides WordPress?  I could go on and on and on. Biz Coaches/Bloggers etc.  This is a goldmine for you.  When these questions pop up, you may have a few answers but for those where you want to add to your existing knowledge, head over to Entrepreneurs Resource Kit and easily find the business tools these people are looking for.  A very simple and timely copy and paste.

Use it as a tool in presentations to clients. Show your clients that you are up to date with both the popular online business tools as well up and coming stars in the online biz world.  You have options to provide your clients versus being a one trick pony.

Stay in the Know: whether you decide to go with free or paid membership, you’ll be alerted to any new online business and resource and the fanfare or lack thereof that exists.  I use complex searches that allow me to stay on top of these tools.  You can be the person that says, “Hey, have you seen this yet, it’s really helped me with my business.”  Or maybe it’s just a fun free cool tool!

Use in your social media posts. If you are a business coach/trainer, feature one or more online tools per month with simple instructions on how to use them.  Facebook or Twitter would be the perfect platform. Do a blog post that compares similar tools.  Make this a monthly goal with your CTA at the end of each blog post.

Affiliate Income. Find the tools you love and use and create an affiliate account to use on your website for an additional source of passive income.

Create an opt-in. Use the tools in this directory to create your free opt-in, lead magnet, irresistible offer.  Such as a free pdf outlining one tool per category.

Create a webinar. The title of the webinar could be “Comparing the top 10 social media schedulers” or “Learn how to spy on your competitors” Use the tools in The Entrepreneurs Resource Kit to get your creative juices flowing for your next webinar.

Make money.  Look for a job. If you are a freelancer looking for some additional money – there is an exhaustive list of sites where you can bid on jobs or build your profile.

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Are you ready to view a beautiful well organized website with the tools you need to run your internet business?  

Ready to discover new tools?  

Ready to learn about resources you didn’t know existed?

Soon to be over 1500 tools + resources in 80 categories!